Extended Secure Transaction Drawer With Hands-Free Intercom #SPT219

Model #SPT219 – Extended Secure Transaction Drawer With Hands-Free Intercom

  • Overall Size – 24”W x 31”D x 10”H
  • Frame Face – 26”W x 11 1/16”H
  • Transfer Area – 13 1/2”W x 19”D x 6”H
  • Wall Opening – 24 1/4”W x 10 1/4”H
  • Weight – Approx. 158 lbs.
  • Includes Intercom Console Model #SPT001
  • Includes Heavy-Duty Foot Switch Model #SPT005

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Extended Secure Transaction Drawers are ideal solutions for pharmacies, convenience stores, correctional facilities, financial facilities, check cashing / loan centers, law enforcement and government facilities.


  • Extended Version Of Model #SPT330 Secure Transaction Drawer Designed For Installation In Up To 8″ Thick Walls
  • Removable Deal Tray To Expose Larger Transfer Area For Transferring Currency Bags, Gallon-Sized Containers And Bulky Objects
  • Self-Opening And Closing Transaction Area Cover Prevents Simultaneous Customer And Operator Access
  • Restricts Outside Airflow And External Environment Penetration
  • Built-In Speaker Compatible With Pre-Existing Commercial Intercom Systems
  • Includes Internal Speaker With Hands-Free Intercom (HF)
  • UL® Level 3 Bullet Resistant Faceplate Insert

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